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Choosing the RIGHT LiDAR

The price of LiDAR has so notably decreased that items from household robot vacuums to the latest iPhone models make use of this technology. Sounds like progress, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s become so cost effective that there is a high prediction that LiDARs are set to creep into the heart of many more industries!

LiDAR as a tool across UAV, UGV, IOT and in Industrial applications

The time has arrived where we need to look at LiDARs beyond the automotive industry… Today, LiDAR is becoming an important and popular component in drones and autonomous robot applications. 

Our previous newsletter looked at LiDAR applications in some detail, here is the link if you missed it.

The right LiDAR fit…

Over the past few years, the LiDAR industry has gained popularity with many types of LiDARs in the market. Now, thanks to mass production, this has lowered the price of this technology. Remember – no single LiDAR solution can be used for all applications therefore choosing the right LiDAR can be tricky!

There are several considerations to take note of when looking to use a LiDAR for a specific application, keep on reading to find out how to choose the right one

Long range vs. short & close range

LiDAR range is important, in most cases, longer range LiDARs are excellent in detecting objects at mid-to-long range (100 m). It all depends on the application, i.e., if you are using a slow-moving robot, you only need a short-range LiDAR which can typically see up to 25m. Close-range LiDARs are used to detect objects that are very close in the surrounding area. You can combine a long or short- range LiDAR with a close-range one.

2D vs. 3D

2D LiDARs are best used to detect an object, where else 3D LiDARs are able to determine the shape and depth of an object because of the detailed point cloud it produces.

More considerations for different applications

LightWare is your business partner in LiDAR

Interested in LiDAR sensors?  There are lots of potential applications in which LiDARs can be used. This technology is becoming cheaper, more accessible and more people around the world continue to find interesting new applications for it! LightWare understands this, and we have a sensor for whichever application you are looking for… if your use case is not in our current list of applications, no need to worry –   let us help you with your use case and in customising a LiDAR to suit your needs.

Not sure what LiDAR you need for your business? We have over 30 years’ experience in this industry and can assist you with a solution you can count on. Contact us now for a free consultation or quote by giving us a call!

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