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LiDAR Application

IoT: Scanning & mapping SF30/C

Reasons for choosing LightWare
LightWare LiDARs are reliable and they work
Key Benefits
  • Reliable LiDAR operation
  • Good customer service
“LightWare LiDAR are kind of our de facto standard now, for us, because they are reliable, they work!” “Sometimes clients ask me to evaluate other LiDARs on the market… And you know, they do work, but they don’t have the same track record as LightWare in terms of hours and number of users using them.” “LightWare LiDARs are lightweight, they’re easy to use” -
Curtis Leo
CTO, Leo Technologies

Many places around the world suffer either from an extreme shortage of available parking or in more modern areas and developments – the sprawl of large shopping malls and airports with their accompanying enormous car parks. This has the effect of causing traffic congestion, driver frustration and commuting delays as people struggle to find an appropriate place to park. This then has a knock-on effect as to where and when people choose to shop or travel as we all try to find the

exact “optimal” moment to approach these areas and brave these vast spaces.

Parkki describe themselves as “business parking accelerators”. Their goal is to transform an ordinary car park into a strategic place for business and for the generation of customer loyalty. And as a team Parkki is passionate about creating “Smart Cities” and Smart Parking opportunities.


In France for example, shopping centres typically have very large car parks – with up to 3000 parking bays. The result is that the ‘would-be customer’ is often overwhelmed and frustrated when arriving in such large parking lots – with no idea how to go about finding a parking bay.

As a result, there is a growing need for easy communication and a parking “guidance system” for drivers to find an available parking space quickly and easily. In addition, shopping malls and airports increasingly need to be designed and developed to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer to ensure their shopping and travel needs are met, making certain that they return.


When it comes to testing and prototyping a new build Leo uses (and highly recommends) the LightWare SF22 integrated to an Arduino board. “It’s quick. I have interfaced the data output from a SF22 to an Arduino board and been able to demonstrate a point cloud system for a ground rover to perform detect and avoid operations as a result of a forward-facing LiDAR application. Basically, set it up to perform simple object detection for a client as a proof of concept”. Equally  he has found the SF22 LiDAR sensor to be suitable in a factory

easier for the consumer. This in turn increases the likelihood of a return visit to the mall.

The benefits don’t stop there, not only can these LiDAR sensors make finding parking easier, the SF30/C LiDAR can also transform an ordinary car park into a rich source of customer data for the mall management team who can use customer data supplied to draw insights around consumer behavior and usage of public spaces. Insights like – when do people shop or visit the airport most, when is a mall/airport most quiet or which area of the mall is the busiest. This vital information allows the shopping mall to better plan their infrastructure, logistics, manage their tenants and plan for future development.


Should you need assistance with either prototyping or building your unmanned vehicle, consider  approaching Leo Technologies to assist. Let them take on the responsibility for research and development. Leo Technologies will ensure that

you have a world class UV build that meets your unique business requirements and in-field challenges head-on using only the best components based on years of experience.

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