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Our new superhero microLiDAR Product – The SF45

We’ve been busy! In our quest to enable your UGV/UAV/Robot. We’ve developed two great new models; each offering an exciting range of possibilities. Our brand new SF45 is the world’s smallest, lightest scanning microLiDAR.

We’re especially proud of this unit, because it earned us a nomination in the Hardware – Component category in the Auvsi Xcellence Awards, which recognizes companies that have demonstrated a commitment to advancing technology and the safety of unmanned systems.

The SF45 certainly fits this description: its entire purpose is to give machines the gift of ‘sight’, upping the safety (not to mention reliability) factor by enabling them to see the world in 3D, rather than as a series of code. The difference is remarkable: it’s being able to navigate a room you know by memory, compared to navigating the same room, but adjusting your actions because you realize someone has moved a chair or left a piece of Lego in your way. It’s also the world’s smallest scanning sensor. And it’s those scanning abilities that make this 35g microLiDAR truly noteworthy: whereas most units are fixed, the SF45’s swivel motion allows it to take in a field of view of 320°; taking your UAV/UGV/Robot to the next level by making it possible to “see around corners”. Not that it’s for drones only. These features will certainly benefit any type of autonomous ground vehicle, from ground robots to carpet vacuum cleaners, pallet trucks, grocery cart delivery trolleys and automatic butlers. From altitude measurements to object detection, it’s the sensor’s versatility that truly impresses.

Click here to register for the SF45 Launch Webinar

What happens when your UGV/UAV/Robot doesn’t have this kind of capability? You’ve probably seen for yourself – can you honestly say that your machine hasn’t experienced at least one can’t-bear-to-look crash? The good news for you is that the more spectacular your crash, the better your chances of winning our SF45 competition. Send in your footage, and if yours elicits the most ‘oohs’ and ‘ouches’, you’ll net your own SF45. Enter the competition here.

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