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Re-introducing the world’s smallest microLiDAR

This ultra-light sensor weighs 8.8 grams and measures 22 x 34 x 21 millimeters (less than an inch) making it smaller than a paperclip! Though the SF000 might be lightweight and small, it outperforms many larger models and can produce up to 388 readings per second.

SF000 product with and without the bracket

Diverse applications you can build with the SF000 microLiDAR.

Its easy-to-use, highly configurable system provides multiple hardware interfaces that allows it to connect to a variety of different controller types. Potential applications for the SF000 include landing assistance, height above ground level, altitude measurement, and obstacle detection.

Thanks to its low SWaP (size, weight, and power) requirements, it can be easily integrated into the struts of a drone without impacting the aerodynamics of the UAV. Furthermore, the SF000 can be mounted in a downward-facing orientation for altimetry, terrain following, or precision landing applications. All of this and more can be yours for an affordable price of $279.00!

SF000 product range features

Key product features

  • Up to 50 meters detection range.
  • Multiple return signals enable it to see through rain, dusty conditions, and even treetops.
  • Small and lightweight design (8.8 grams).
  • Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Pixhawk – ArduPilot, and PX4.
  • Operates in low light conditions as well as in complete darkness.
  • Product design optimized for multiple hardware interfaces.

The SF000 is not just one of LightWare’s favourites – data on the SF000 is processed on-board, therefore no dedicated processors are required saving weight, cost, and power. At the same time, provides real-time results to aid navigation and detect obstacles, making it an industry favourite too!

The SF000 provides dynamic performance in a small form factor and new applications for the SF000 are being discovered every day. So, what would you use your SF000 for?

Get your very own SF000 here.

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