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SF30/C (100 m)

The versatile high-speed sensor for AoT and IoT applications

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Safety, Smart parking, Traffic management, Vehicle & pedestrian counting, Profiling vehicle shapes
When speed matters

20 000 readings per second
At an incredible 20 000 readings per second, this sensor is the perfect choice for high-speed measurement in real-time

Range performance

100 meter microLiDAR®
The SF30/C provides an impressive and reliable 100 meter range capability

Dust penetration

First and last pulse detection
Improved performance in difficult environmental conditions, including dust, mist, fog, rain and snow

SF30/C (100 m)


SF30/C (100 m)



905 nm

LiDAR type

Single beam


0.2 … 100 m / 0.6 … 328 ft

Update rate

39 … 20 000 readings per second

Signal processing

First and last pulse available


29.42 g / 1.04 oz


30 mm x 56 mm x 50 mm / 1.2 in x 2.2 in x 2 in


USB, Serial UART (3.3 V TTL, 5 V tolerant)


Arduino, Raspberry Pi and LW Studio
Unparalleled speed and accuracy required?
You’ve found it!

The SF30/C microLiDAR® stands as a stellar choice for both AoT and IoT applications, operating at an astounding 20,000 readings per second and 100-meter range. This sensor excels in real-time high-speed measurements.


Measures 0.2 to 100 m / 0.6 to 328 ft, even in bright sunlight conditions. Maximum range achieved on targets with 70% reflectivity.


Offers update rates of 39 to 20 000 readings per second. Update rates can be customized to best suit your application.

In the box

SF30/C microLiDAR® sensor and a communications cable.


SF30/C (100 m)


Download all comprehensive guidance and resources here.


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SF11, SF30 & SF45 micro USB cable

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SF11 & SF30 aluminium stand kit

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SF11, SF30 & SF45 communications cable

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Sensing your world starts here:
our clients’ stories

LightWare microLiDAR® is proud to support our pioneering clients as they deliver innovative solutions in their respective industries. Here’s how they apply LiDAR and what they have to say about our microlidar® sensors.

Chairman WüSpace
“We needed the best, smallest and most compact LiDAR out there. It was the only LiDAR that we found that was small enough and that had enough documentation that...”
Logo Flying For Wildlife3
Flying for WildLife
“We were completely blown away by both the SF30/D and the tablet app that was built for us in such a short period of time to really help us do what we do...”
“The LiDAR is fantastic. The form factor is great, it’s super light, super small, easy to mount doesn’t take up a lot of real estate. The level of customer service that...”

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  1. JP

    Quickly integration and goods results.

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  2. R

    I bought two SF30/C rangefinders for a UAV terrain-following application. I had a bit of difficulty with the serial interface which seemed to have been updated without a concurrent documentation release. The engineer quickly confirmed this (the documentation came out shortly after) and provided a firmware update with the configuration I needed the next day.

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  3. LS

    I used two of these rangefinders on a research project where it was moved around quickly over a large area and measured distance to the walls. I looked all over the internet and could not find anything remotely close to the performance of this unit. When I had questions; the factory responded promptly and helped me understand some of the subtle points of laser distance measurement. This product has been trouble free and very reliable for 20 months of use. I recommend it and the company.

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