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About us

We are pioneers in LiDAR technology and have evolved this powerful extra-sensory capability into compact, ultralight, and high-performing sensors that enable machines to perceive their surroundings, unlocking a new era of autonomy.

Our story

Almost 40 years ago founding member James Portman saw for the first time how sensors based on optical time-of-flight principles could detect and measure objects and surfaces in great detail, even from far away. Today, LightWare pioneers the design and production of quality LiDARs at a cost that allows widespread industry adoption.

We recognize that each application has very specific requirements, which is why we design our products to meet those requirements. The outcome? A suite of ultralight, high-performing and cost-effective sensors, tailored to a range of applications.

Our structure

LightWare is a global LiDAR manufacturing company that leverages the best the world has to offer, from top-quality components and reliable vendors, to cutting-edge technologies. With a growing global footprint, we have established a strong presence in various industries across the globe.

Corporate headquarters

Our corporate headquarters and ISO9001:2015-certified manufacturing facilities are operated by LightWare Optoelectronics (Pty) Ltd, based in South Africa, where our high-quality manufacturing processes produce thousands of microLiDAR® sensors each month.

LightWare in the USA

Our USA-based wholly-owned subsidiary, LightWare LiDAR LLC, is incorporated in Delaware and operates from Boulder, Colorado. It was founded with the purpose of streamlining our customers’ purchasing process, expediting deliveries through local stock availability, and enhancing services in one of our primary geographical markets.

Online and global

Our webstore allows engineers from all over the world to quickly and easily procure LightWare microLiDAR sensors for testing or OEM manufacturing purposes.
We’ve also partnered with nearly 30 distributors across the globe to ensure stock and support at the local level our customers need.

At our core

Our purpose

We provide enhanced perception to machines, enabling them to operate more effectively for the advancement of humanity.

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      Sensing your world starts here:
      our clients’ stories

      LightWare microLiDAR® is proud to support our pioneering clients as they deliver innovative solutions in their respective industries. Here’s how they apply LiDAR and what they have to say about our microlidar® sensors.

      Chairman WüSpace
      “We needed the best, smallest and most compact LiDAR out there. It was the only LiDAR that we found that was small enough and that had enough documentation that...”
      Logo Flying For Wildlife3
      Flying for WildLife
      “We were completely blown away by both the SF30/D and the tablet app that was built for us in such a short period of time to really help us do what we do...”
      “The LiDAR is fantastic. The form factor is great, it’s super light, super small, easy to mount doesn’t take up a lot of real estate. The level of customer service that...”
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