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ISO 9001 certification and enhanced 24-month warranty

At LightWare we manufacture and ship thousands of microLiDAR® sensors per year, each one built to an exacting specification. Our elite customer base demands the best the world has to offer, inspiring LightWare to implement ISO9001:2015 as the fundamental cornerstone

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microLIDAR™ secret: SWaP

The last few years has witnessed exponential growth in the fields of robotics, machines and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is also a time that has seen significant enhancements made in sensor technology, mainly through (small) size, (light) weight

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Spotlight on the SF23/B microLiDAR™

The SF23/B is a very low power sensor ideal for energy critical applications. This microLiDAR™ is a small form factor, general purpose LiDAR that measures the distance to objects by timing a laser flash. The SF23/B generates its own light

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Rise of the UAV: adopting drone tech

UAVs, commonly known as drones, have transformed the technological operating environment. Their ability to explore hard-to-reach areas make them an indispensable necessity for almost all industries. A thriving operating environment has also invited many drone manufacturers to market.

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The power of SLAM

SLAM is a process whereby a robot or machine – in the form of an unmanned aerial or ground vehicle (UAV/UGV) – builds a map of its environment while simultaneously computing its own location within that map. SLAM is highly

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IoT systems and adoption

IoT is a gamechanger for businesses as they reap the rewards of time-efficiency, speedy operations, and cost-cutting. It’s no surprise then that many businesses are embracing technology and making plans to get connected to an IoT network. We explain the

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Know your SF11/C

The SF11/C microLiDAR™ is one of the most popular sensors in the LightWare range. Considered the definitive laser altimeter for drones and other UAVs, the SF11/C is the ideal solution for accurate AGL measurements, automated landings, precision hovering and terrain

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Ideal sensor technology for IoT

We’ve dedicated this edition of LiDAR Matters to focus on IoT and how LiDAR technology is fast becoming the ideal choice for many IoT applications.
With numerous sensor technologies complementing the IoT revolution, we also look at the key

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Spotlight on the SF11/C microLiDAR™

In this week’s LiDAR Matters we focus our attention on the SF11/C microLiDAR™ sensor. This long range and lightweight laser altimeter is the ideal choice for UAVs requiring accurate above ground level (AGL) altitude measurements.

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LightWare multi-product focus

Finding the perfect LiDAR to achieve required results can be stressful, so LightWare makes it easy for you by designing and manufacturing affordable microLiDAR™ sensors in various shapes, sizes, and weights.

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Trending LiDAR applications for IoT

The convergence of machine and sensor technology is creating an exciting era for many innovative businesses operating in a multitude of industries. The new world of robotics, unmanned vehicles, and Internet of Things (IoT) is creating big demand for accurate

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The future of LiDAR is now

The fact that LiDAR can do so much makes it an essential fit for many tech-embracing businesses. So many applications across multiple industries make it the ‘in-demand’ solution for range, perception and IoT related challenges.

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Why microLiDAR™ by LightWare?

LiDAR sensors work on the Time of Flight (ToF) principle, where laser light pulses are emitted into the environment. These pulses reflect off surrounding objects and return to the LiDAR receiver.

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LightWare Goes Global!

We are proud to announce that we have embarked on our next phase of global growth. As a rapidly expanding company, LightWare Optoelectronics has …

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LiDAR and IoT. An exciting future.

Today we’d like to focus on one key trend that enables an incredible world of possibility through IoT. New applications and advancements in employing LiDAR sensors and sensor fusion in IOT, enable machines with the gift of sight (and thus

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Re-introducing the world’s smallest microLiDAR

The SF000 microLiDAR is LightWare’s smallest and versatile sensor which uses a Time–of–Flight principle to make very fast accurate distance and speed measurements. Its 50-meter detection range is achievable even with background light, wind, and noise making it ideal for

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LiDAR: Making Strides in the Laser Revolution

Who would have thought that Physics and its different elements would become the backbone of LiDAR technology? We’re talking pulses. In the LiDAR world, a pulse is a single short burst of light however looking at things from a broader

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The Science behind LiDAR technology

Physics – the “secret sauce” behind LiDAR. The Physics of LiDARs has not changed since the days of Albert Einstein – the fundamental rules of Quantum Mechanics, speed of light and several other primary aspects remain the same. The rules

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Choosing the RIGHT LiDAR

Is LiDAR the future? Whether it’s fitted to a drone or embedded in one of the latest gadgets, the face of technology is constantly changing thanks to LiDAR. LiDAR had one major concern – cost but this too has changed!

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LiDAR Basics

Today, the world of LiDAR has grown and keeps evolving. Even the new iPAD and iPhone, sport a version of LiDAR today. This technology enhances 3D perception and is useful in Virtual Reality (VR) and measurement applications. We have only

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A Lens on LiDAR Optics

Optics, a small word, yet a powerful game changer in the world of LiDAR.

There are several elements in any machine or device that makes it work. People generally have this misconception that the laser, detector or signal processing unit

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Where technology meets biology

Eye safety (and general biological safety) is of paramount importance when designing any laser-based system.

But, as with many other aspects of design, ensuring eye safety isn’t a simple or linear process. To the contrary, there are a number

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The Science of LiDAR & Light Amplification

Even the least scientifically-minded people have at least some idea of amplification, thanks to the amps most of us have tucked away in the lounge. That said, turning a small sound into a larger one is rather a different matter

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Click here to register for the SF000 launch webinar and submit your entry to win. Lasers & Rainbows Think back to your school days. Do yo…

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LightWare is going places

June was a particularly exciting month for LightWare, as we racked up two noteworthy global accolades: not only have we been named as finalists in the AUVSI XCELLENCE Awards, we were also included in Silicon Valley’s Woodside Capital Partners’ roundup

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“We needed the best, smallest and most compact LiDAR out there. It was the only LiDAR that we found that was small enough and that had enough documentation that...”
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“We were completely blown away by both the SF30/D and the tablet app that was built for us in such a short period of time to really help us do what we do...”
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