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We envision a future with microLiDAR® everywhere, unlocking countless benefits for humanity.

Solving real-world challenges

At LightWare, we apply our pioneering technology to solve important global problems. Whether it’s enhancing drone delivery safety, accurately tracking ore movements within mining operations, conducting animal counts in Kenya, or ensuring the efficient delivery of life-saving vaccines in Malawi — the list of applications is almost endless.
We understand that each application has unique requirements. This principle drives us to meticulously design products that are both highly cost-effective and thoughtfully tailored to unique needs. At LightWare, our solutions are not just off-the-shelf; they are precision-engineered to be your perfect fit.

Empowering the Internet of Things (IoT)

LightWare’s microLiDAR® sensors redefine the capabilities of IoT, providing a wide range of useful functions:


Prevent accidents in dangerous environments through invisible safety barriers and real-time mapping and detection.


Provide invisible perimeter security solutions for detecting intrusions and unauthorized movements, and triggering area-denial actions.

Smart parking

Revolutionizes parking management with real-time occupancy detection, enhancing convenience and space utilization.

Traffic management

Enables advanced traffic flow analysis and optimization through accurate and continuous vehicle tracking.

Vehicle & pedestrian counting

Offers precise tracking of vehicle and pedestrian movements, contributing to efficient urban planning.

Inventory management

Improves inventory tracking by providing real-time monitoring and accurate stock level assessments.

Profiling vehicle shapes

Creates a new approach to vehicle recognition for efficient profiling and categorization.

Volumetric measurement

Redefines measurement accuracy by offering real-time volumetric assessment, critical for various industries.
Sensing your world starts here:
our clients’ stories

LightWare microLiDAR® is proud to support our pioneering clients as they deliver innovative solutions in their respective industries. Here’s how they apply LiDAR and what they have to say about our microlidar® sensors.

Chairman WüSpace
“We needed the best, smallest and most compact LiDAR out there. It was the only LiDAR that we found that was small enough and that had enough documentation that...”
Logo Flying For Wildlife3
Flying for WildLife
“We were completely blown away by both the SF30/D and the tablet app that was built for us in such a short period of time to really help us do what we do...”
“The LiDAR is fantastic. The form factor is great, it’s super light, super small, easy to mount doesn’t take up a lot of real estate. The level of customer service that...”

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