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What is Position hold?

Need your UAV to fly at a specific safe distance from a particular object, or to hover in place at a certain height above ground? Our LightWare microLiDAR® sensors can be installed in either a downward-facing orientation and/or a forward-facing orientation to provide your UAV with this capability. Applied with great success in surveillance and the inspection of objects such as wind turbines and infrastructure, or for surveying in mining and agriculture.
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Want to simplify converting inspection photos into a model?
For optimal performance several LiDAR sensors can be used on a single UAV: Record the distance to ground measurement for each photo taken while maintaining forward facing position hold for safety.

Ideal microLiDAR® sensors
for position hold applications

(7 customer reviews)

$449.00 excl. Taxes

SF45/B (50 m)

The SF45/B is the world’s smallest, lightest, scanning microLiDAR®. This 5kHz oscillating sensor is highly configurable, with the ability to scan to 320°.

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(7 customer reviews)

$279.00 excl. Taxes

The SF20/C microLiDAR® is well established in the industry and recognized for its ease of integration. This lightweight sensor delivers reliable results at 100m.

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$279.00 excl. Taxes

The SF000/B is the world’s smallest and lightest 50 meter microLiDAR® sensor. Specifically designed for size and weight constrained applications. Dynamite comes in small packages – as proven by the SF000/B – an industry favourite!

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$199.00 excl. Taxes

The same robust, easy to use, plug and play sensor, but the previous revision PCBA

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$299.00 excl. Taxes

The LW20/C microLiDAR® is the industry de facto standard for 100m range capability, reliability, and ease of integration. A robust IP67 rating ensures it is dust and water-resistant.

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LightWare microLiDAR® is proud to support our pioneering clients as they deliver innovative solutions in their respective industries. Here’s how they apply LiDAR and what they have to say about our microlidar® sensors.

Chairman WüSpace
“We needed the best, smallest and most compact LiDAR out there. It was the only LiDAR that we found that was small enough and that had enough documentation that...”
Logo Flying For Wildlife3
Flying for WildLife
“We were completely blown away by both the SF30/D and the tablet app that was built for us in such a short period of time to really help us do what we do...”
“The LiDAR is fantastic. The form factor is great, it’s super light, super small, easy to mount doesn’t take up a lot of real estate. The level of customer service that...”
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