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Laser eye safety

Laser eye safety
LightWare designs and manufactures high-quality LiDAR sensors which measure distance using invisible laser light. Our LiDAR sensors emit pulses of 905 nm wavelength light which are classified as either: eye-safe Class 1 (SF23/B only); or Class 1M. Neither of these Classes pose fire nor skin damage risks.

Class 1 lasers are safe under all conditions of normal use and can be viewed with the naked eye. Class 1M lasers are eye-safe for all conditions of use except when viewed through magnifying optics such as binoculars, or telescopes. We do not recommend staring directly into the laser emission lens of a LightWare LiDAR, from a distance of less than 0.5 meters.

Please take note of the warning information contained in LightWare manuals and product labels.

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