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Engineering ultralight microLiDARs®

LightWare’s ultralight and agile approach to LiDAR

Smarter, faster, and safer. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), remote sensors are the foundation of Autonomy of Things (AoT) applications, with LiDAR becoming what the semiconductor was to personalized computing.

For decades, LiDAR has helped specialists perceive the world, but ubiquitous LiDAR applications can enhance how we all live in and interact with the world around us. The revolutionary power of computing would never have transformed the world if semiconductors hadn’t scaled and become more commonplace.

LightWare believes that the ubiquity of a technology fulfils the potential of its transformative power. Engineering application-specific LiDAR modules to empower all those innovators and thinkers, inspired to use LiDAR in remarkable ways to further the 4IR revolution, is what LightWare does.

To harness the immense potential of LiDAR it must be everywhere and anywhere. For LightWare, that means creating the lightest LiDARs with great performance across diverse applications.

Compact modules of consequence

The innovation trajectory of LiDAR is immense, with new applications being developed each month, as technologists, product planners and engineers integrate the technology to their specific needs.

LightWare believes that sector-specific applications and targeted product design release the true potential of LiDAR, making it easier to use more LiDARs anywhere and everywhere. SWaP-C (size, weight, power and cost) are barriers to access and adoption when innovators and positive disruptors want to use LiDAR and enhance the diversity of AoT  (Autonomy of Things)applications. That’s why LightWare builds professional grade LiDARs, easy enough for anyone to use.

Supporting LiDAR’s potential to become a ubiquitous and valuable 4IR sensor technology, shaping a smarter, better, more integrated, and more sustainable world, is LightWare’s defined product development. By avoiding the fallacy of superfluous features, with their associated cost and weight burden, LightWare has created a range of LiDARs with all the functions that innovators need to make a difference in the real-world.

LightWare engineers and manufactures LiDAR solutions that matter. Hobbyist LiDAR modules are like electronic toys, novel to play with, but never adequately robust or technically adept for useful real-world applications. By the same token, LiDARs that price into four or five figures are unaffordable and excessive for many of the AoT applications that make a real-world difference.

The power of simplicity

LightWare’s LiDARs are purposeful, delivering the sensor quality and specification design engineers and product specialists value, without superfluous features and unnecessary complexity.

Feature richness can become a technology fallacy when evaluating LiDARs for your specific needs, creating needless technical debt in components and escalating costs without ever redeeming value. Too many unnecessary features layer complexity and creating frustration for users who need a compact and durable LiDAR for simple, but crucial, purposes. LightWare’s LiDARs deliver the trinity of product attributes so often desired but rarely achieved: light, durable, and affordable.

LightWare’s development expertise benefits from four decades of LiDAR experience, enabling a deep understanding of what works in the real-world. It’s why LightWare’s LiDARs are the lightest, without sacrificing integrity or durability. We understand the SWaP-C principles and how they apply to customer needs and expectations.

The SF20/C microLiDAR® delivers excellent 100m sensor performance at only 7.8 grams. LightWare’s targeted design creates a purity of purpose, with all the resolution, sensitivity, and functionality you need, and none of the grams you don’t.

Sensors and optics require meticulous handling and precision tool work during production. LightWare’s production methods benchmark ISO9001 standards at scale and its assembly assets can deliver 36 000 units a year, each built to the same exacting standard.

LightWare believes in the transformative potential of LiDAR. It’s why we build the lightest and most compact microLiDARs®, to do big things. It’s why LightWare engineers LiDARs to be light, builds them right and brings them to market at a quality and price not only for early adopters, but for all adopters.

Sensing your world isn’t marketing, it’s an authentic vision LightWare has for enabling the 4IR revolution by having more LiDARs everywhere and anywhere.

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