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ISO 9001 certification and enhanced 24-month warranty

LightWare warranty doubles and ISO 9001 certification attained

At LightWare we manufacture and ship thousands of microLiDAR® sensors per year, each one built to an exacting specification. Our elite customer base demands the best the world has to offer, inspiring LightWare to implement ISO 9001:2015 as the fundamental cornerstone upon which the company was built.  

We are guided by the ISO 9001:2015 standard in everything we do, a fact proven by the recent extension of our certification to our US-based subsidiary, ensuring world class responsiveness and customer service to our global customer base. Continuous improvement and learning are an ISO 9001 principle that allows the LightWare team to rapidly respond and integrate real-world feedback into our products and processes.   

By producing ultralight sensors in robust modules, LightWare microLiDAR® sensors can be used everywhere and anywhere. Once our sensors are integrated into an application or technology system, we know that customers expect them to operate dependably, regardless of environmental demands.  Extreme temperatures, moisture, humidity, wind speeds, environmental contamination or exposure to extreme vibration are all realities for our customers and their LightWare microLiDAR® sensors.  

To create user confidence for all customers and innovators who use our sensors, and encourage them to be daring application pioneers, LightWare has doubled its warranty period from 12- to 24-months.  Considered design meets meticulous manufacturing and quality control processes, allowing us to confidently offer this extended warranty period, a first for microLiDAR® sensors.  

We know how robust the product demands are for many of our customers, especially in the UAV space, where LightWare microLiDAR® sensors provide the ideal technical solution of ultra-light professional distance sensors to enable the autonomy of the future. 

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