LightWare designs and manufactures small LiDAR systems. Our vision of applying LiDAR technology everywhere encapsulates our belief that LiDAR has many valuable uses that will benefit humanity in ways that have not yet been realized.

Almost 40 years ago founding member James Portman saw for the first time how sensors based on optical time-of-flight principles could detect and measure objects and surfaces in great detail, even from far away. This powerful extra-sensory capability has evolved to the point where small, autonomous machines can avoid obstacles and understand their surroundings. The same sense allows LiDAR networks to monitor and analyze stockpiles of bulk, solid materials. These are just a few of many possible applications.

You may be wondering if it’s possible to design and manufacture high-quality LiDARs at a price that allows for wide adoption. The answer is a resounding yes and this is what LightWare does every day. We recognize that each application has specific requirements so we tailor the design of our products to meet these requirements. The result is economical sensors that perfectly fit your needs.

The management team at LightWare is focused on building a world-class organization, from our high-quality manufacturing system that produces thousands of LiDARs each month to our experienced product development team. Our support desk guides customers as they discover powerful LiDAR solutions for their unique use cases.

At LightWare we are dedicated to the mission of applying our exceptional technology to solving important problems: making drone deliveries safer, monitoring ore movement on mines, counting animals in Kenya, delivering vaccines in Malawi. The list is almost endless. Come along on our journey and show us where you can use LiDAR.

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