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SF000 : The world’s smallest microLiDAR

LightWare makes microLiDAR history with the launch of the world’s smallest and lightest microLiDAR, the SF000.

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Weighing just 8,8 grams and measuring less than a single inch – making it smaller than a pencil sharpener – the SF000 redefines the term ‘dynamite in small packages’, outperforming many larger models.

For instance, the greatest benefit of this miniature size means that the SF000 can fly for longer. Added to this, LightWare’s Phillip Constantine informs that the microLiDAR can be relied upon to deliver 388 readings per second, using a time-of-flight system to make superfast, precise measurements of speed and distance.

Importantly, accuracy is not affected by the color or texture of the surface being measured; nor is it impacted by the laser beam’s angle of incidence. Moreover, the SF000 is virtually immune to background light, wind and noise. “This makes it an ideal sensor for detecting unexpected obstacles,” Constantine points out.

The SF000 is also easy to use, he continues, fitted with configurable features and multiple hardware interfaces which allow it to connect with a variety of different controller types. Plus, thanks to excellent aerodynamics, it can be entrenched within the struts of a drone with minimal hassle. All of this is available through a simple plug and play interface.

The SF000 has a remarkable range, with multiple return signals enabling it to see through rain, dusty conditions and even treetops, up to 50m. “No other unit can deliver this kind of scale,” Constantine points out.

This makes the SF000 an ideal instrument for use in land assist or ground confirmation operations. Other applications include defining height above ground level and altitude, as well as detecting obstacles or holding positions. Although the SF000 is a sound fit for drones, it may also be employed as part of an Internet of Things activation, or used by Unmanned Ground Vehicles.

Ultimately, what makes the SF0000 so powerful is its ability to deliver more readings in a shorter time, with improved measurement resolution, Constantine says.

The launch of the model marks an exciting milestone for LightWare, which has already enjoyed many reasons to celebrate this year. The company was recently named a finalist in the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)’s Xcellence Awards, with its LW45 microLiDAR nominated in the Hardware – component category. More accolades were in store with its inclusion in a roundup of 99 startups poised for growth; a compendium of companies from around the world compiled by Woodside Capital Partners. Added to this, the company welcomed on board a new investment partner in Sanari Capital.

“We are extremely proud to launch a model which is entirely unique and cannot be matched by any other microLiDAR available,” Constantine concludes.

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